Why MOBILE CHIROPRACTIC CARE just makes sense!

Let the Doctor come to YOU!

Looking for chiropractic services?  Why not let the doctor come to YOU! Mobile Chiropractic Care is here!!! If you are located in Nashville and surrounding areas…you will not only receive exceptional care but you will reclaim your time without neglecting your health! Convenience isn’t something it’s everything.  In today’s fast paced technology-driven world, expectations are high to provide mobile chiropractic service directly to the customer. Amazon one click culture has shown us that consumers want goods and services delivered right to their doorstep. What if it were just as easy to make health empowering decisions as it was for you to order the latest TicTok craze? We want chiropractic care to be just as easy and convenient for patients as an online order.  


Onsite Chiropractic Services

Concierge mobile chiropractic care is saying goodbye to traditional brick-and-mortar business models.  The mobile model improves chiropractic standards by providing a whole new level of convenience with mobile chiropractic adjustments. Being mobile means we come to you.  No more fighting traffic, waiting rooms, or packing up the family to make it to the chiropractor. Our treatment is all about the patient and what makes sense for them versus what is easiest for the doctor. We understand that time is limited and appointment times don’t always fit into your lifestyle. Who wants to show up to a medical office after work when they are already exhausted! That’s why we provide you with the care when and where you need it. We can provide quality care in the comfort of your own home, office, or workplace.  Take your greatest resources back: your time, by allowing us come to you so you can do the things you love most! 



Types of Mobile Chiropractic Services


Concierge Mobile Care

Our mobile service allows you to receive chiropractic care in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for more quality time with the doctor to get to the root of your health issues then this is the perfect option! Most doctors’ offices do not have the time in their schedule to discuss your lifestyle habits and diagnose the cause of your pain. Concierge Mobile care is a 1 on 1 visit that includes 30 minutes with the doctor. Your treatment includes a chiropractic adjustment, postural analysis, rehab therapy (to help hold your adjustment), and an electronic massage. We offer breathing and lifting techniques as well as allergy testing. Our 5 pillars of health are discussed to make sure the whole person is considered. In home care is perfect for postpartum mothers, parents of multiples, those with disabling conditions, business professionals, teleworkers, caregivers, and those who simply have a busy lifestyle.  


Family Mobile Care

Family Mobile Care is for the busy modern family that doesn’t want to load everyone up in the car to fit in another appointment. In just one visit, Dr. Webb can see the entire family from the comfort of their own environment. Treatment includes a chiropractic adjustment, rehab therapy exercises, and an electronic massage. The rehab therapy is vital to strengthen your spine and hold your adjustment. If you have a past injury you have never fully recovered from no worries…Dr. Webb can assist with exercises so you can properly heal. 


Workplace Wellness Visits

On-site chiropractic care is becoming more common in today’s corporate environment. It’s not just a service, it’s a strong movement toward providing a healthier, happier and more productive work environment. Workplace wellness addresses the critical issue of employee retention that many are battling. As a 100% mobile service, we are in a unique position to easily provide on-site chiropractic services to businesses large and small. One study by Kindermann (2014) compared on-site chiropractic treatments to traditional off-site treatments for occupational low back injuries. The study found that on-site treatment was associated with fewer treatments, fewer modified workdays, and lower treatment costs.  It also was associated with better productivity, lower transportation costs, shorter duration-of-injury claims and lower total claim costs. Minicozzi (2017) states that a potential benefit to the employer could be that employees may miss less work time because of pain, discomfort or generally not feeling their best.


Hotels and Vacation Rentals

Traveling is exhausting and usually uncomfortable. We bring our expertise and 5-star rated personalized style of chiropractic care to you in the privacy, comfort, and convenience, of your hotel or vacation rental.  We arrive fully equipped to perform most services you would find in a normal office setting.


Conferences/Athletic Events

Have you ever attended an athletic event or work conference where you sat or stood for hours. At the end of the day, you felt stiff an experienced pain. Traveling and/or competing can be stressful on your nervous system. Mobile Chiropractic comes to your event and sets up a mobile office which allows you to be seen on site where you need it most. We offer many different options and even have a massage therapist we can partner with to make sure your self care is not neglected.  


Fitness Studios and Gyms/Wellness Centers

With regular chiropractic care, fitness enthusiasts will notice increased flexibility and reduced muscle stiffness. This helps your body meet the demands of strength training while helping to decrease the risk of injuries from pulled muscles. If you work out regularly, you should strongly consider getting adjusted regularly. While chiropractic care is not a one visit fix for chronic pain, regular chiropractic adjustments can help to remove the discomfort. Pain and tension are often the body’s way of communicating an underlying problem. Incorporating mobile chiropractic services at your holistic doctor’s office might just be that missing piece to your overall health.



"Leave work feeling better than you came!"
Dr. Dustin Webb
Emergency Mobile Care